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Like different Microsoft Office paperwork, Word recordsdata can embrace superior macros and even embedded applications. The language was initially WordBasic, however changed to Visual Basic for Applications as of Word 97. With the release of Word 6.0 in 1993, Microsoft again attempted to synchronize the version numbers and coordinate product naming throughout platforms, this time throughout DOS, Mac OS, and Windows .

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Resident routines are typically called TSRs or “terminate and stay resident” routines. Code copies the working system from disk to reminiscence and transfers control to it; this copying is recognized as the bootstrap load as a outcome of the operating system figuratively pulls itself into reminiscence by its bootstraps. The firmware does its management transfer by studying a set number of bytes from a fixed location on the disk to a fixed address in reminiscence and then leaping to that tackle . The bootstrap loader then reads into memory the relaxation of the working system from disk. To run a special operating system, the person just inserts a disk with the new working system and a bootstrap loader. When the consumer reboots from this new disk, the loader there brings in and runs another operating system.