Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 is an international conference devoted to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that will be held in Addison, a suburb of Dallas, TX, from Thursday, February 22 – Friday, February 24, 2018. Half of the time will be spent on classroom training for developers, business executives and lawyers by R3 and Blockmatics, while the other half will be spent on regular conference presentations, discussion panels, and an AMA session.

The conference is open to all, so you may participate as an individual or a group by registering for the general session alone or in addition to one of more of the training classes available. You may also register for the classes alone if you have no intention of attending the general session of the conference. There are many good reasons why you should attend the conference, so to register, head on over to the conference’s Eventbrite page.

As a startup or corporation, you may participate by sending a representative to speak and/or to man an exhibit table. Our Call for Papers is now closed, but we’ve not made the final decision on speaking slots, so if you wish to participate as a speaker, send us an email with the title and abstract of the presentation you would like to give to digitize@THIS_SITE, where THIS_SITE is

Demand for speaking slots is high, so one way to guarantee yourself a speaking slot is to submit an awesome speaking proposal. The other way is to become a sponsor of the conference. Our sponsorship packages are very affordable, so if you wish to become a sponsor and, therefore, book your company a speaking slot, send us an email using the address in the previous paragraph. We’ll respond pronto with our sponsorship prospectus attached.