Rajat Rajbhandari is a research engineer at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and a blockchain and crypto currency enthusiast. He is a thought leader and bullish about the impact of decentralized systems in logistics, supply chain, mobility, connected vehicles, Internet of Things.

He has spent over a decade as an academic researcher at Texas A&M University working with government and private sector to conduct research, proof of concept and deployment of connected vehicle technology, intelligent transportation systems, freight, and mobility. He brings over a decade of experience in project and program management, research and development, creating strategies, foresight, solving customer pain points with innovation. Rajat is also a co-founder of TruckIN Europe UG, a technology startup in Germany building freight capacity sharing platform for logistics companies.

Rajat recently published a report explaining the impact of blockchain in logistics and transportation space and can be found in Texas A&M Transportation Institute website. He has spoken at several events related to blockchain for oil and gas as well as trucking industry.

He has a doctorate degree in transportation and lives in Dallas.