Simon Yu

Simon Yu, CEO of Storm X, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19. After his family declared bankruptcy, he was forced to drop out of college at the University of Washington and find a full time job to pay for rent and food. His full time wage was still not enough for him to go back to school, so he started selling Korean tacos out of his apartment to students studying during late nights on campus. The tacos went viral, and he was able to start a food truck with two friends after returning and graduating with a full time scholarship. He quickly turned and scaled this into a $500,000 business with ten employees in less than two years before joining Calvin at CakeCodes.

As CEO of StormX (formerly CakeCodes), a platform which allows freelancers and companies to complete and set gamified micro-tasks using smart contracts, Simon helped grow revenue by more than 800%, user growth by 3000%, and raised funding to scale the small start-up launched out of a dorm room to a seven-person company with over one million downloads and 250,000 monthly active users.