Sponsor BCC-2018

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 (BCC-2018) will take place in Dallas, Texas, from Thursday, February 22 – Saturday, February 24, 2018. Expected attendance will include anybody who has anything to do with the blockchain technology, so we’re expecting a very diverse audience, with experiences and interests running the whole gamut. Becoming a sponsor of the conference is, therefore, an opportunity to engage with a very knowledgeable audience.

To help us make it a successful event, we’ve made the following sponsorship packages available. Complete information, including costs, about the sponsorship packages are available on request.

Number available44MultipleMultipleMultiple
Free event ticketsUnlimited3211
Standard exhibit tableYesYesYesYesYes
Logo on recorded videosYesYesNoNoNo
Hyperlinked logo with description on websiteYesYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed speaking slotYesIf availableIf availableNoNo
Banner in registration areaYesYesNoNoNo
Promotional material in conference handoutYesYesNoNoNo
1-time pre-event email blast by event organizerYesYesNoNoNo
1-time post-event email blast by event organizerYesYesYesNoNo
Pre/post-event recognition on TwitterYesYesYesYesYes
On-stage recognition during welcome addressYesYesNoNoNo
Participate in panelsYesIf availableIf availableNoNo
Logo in promotional emailsYesYesYesNoNo

Beside the above sponsorship packages, the following a la carte branding opportunities are also available. They may be combined with the main sponsorship packages in the table above:

1. LanyardSold out
Sponsoring the lanyard guarantees that every conference attendee will be wearing your company’s logo around their neck. This sponsorship includes your logo on the a 0.75-inch lanyard only, not the badge.

2. Breakfast3 available
Sponsoring the breakfast puts your brand all over the breakfast area. Anybody stopping to get something for breakfast will know your company made it happen.

3. Lunch4 available
And for those that miss out on breakfast, sponsoring lunch will let it be known that your company made lunch possible.

4. Networking Party4 available
Sponsor the networking party for an opportunity to have your brand displayed throughout the party area. And you’ll get 5-10 minutes to address the audience before the party starts.

5. Beverage stations4 available
There will be several beverage (coffee/tea/water) stations in the conference facility. For the duration of the time you sponsor one of those stations, your brand will be visibly displayed for all to see.

Complete information about all the a la carte sponsorship packages, including costs, are available on requests.

If your company would like to sponsor BCC-2018 through one of the main sponsorship packages or one or more a la carte marketing opportunities, or a combination of both, please contact us for more information by sending an email to digitize@This_SITE, where This_SITE is protonmail.com.

Become a Media Partner of BCC-2018

Media Partners are organizations and groups that help us in promoting the conference within their communities. In exchange, your group will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your group’s logo will be listed in the Media Partners page of this website
  • Recognition before and after the conference on Twitter
  • Leaders of Media Partners get a free conference ticket
  • Special discounted conference ticket for your group

Those are just our ways of saying thank you. If you would like to become a Media Partner of BCC-2018, send an email to digitize@This_SITE, where This_SITE is protonmail.com, with Media Partner in the subject line.