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Unit 2 Course Project Part 1 Submission Motherboard, Cpu, Ram, And Operating System Docx

To see additional screenshots of various options that may be viewed and/or modified within the BIOS setup, browse to MSI 790GX-G65 Motherboard Reviews and scroll down to the bottom of the web page. The Northbridge and Southbridge are both shown on a laptop motherboard in Figure 2. In the case of our Gigabyte board, the utility is called “Q-flash”. The computer we’re working with here has a Gigabyte motherboard, so we’ve to download the Gigabyte update utility, which is named @BIOS. You can even use a utility corresponding to CPUZ to verify your current BIOS version or, as a last resort, boot into the BIOS menu and check the version quantity there. If you’re on the lookout for a computer that may be personalized, particularly in relation to gaming, your greatest guess could also be a desktop.