Don’t even ask about Windows telephones, which Microsoft gave up on long ago. I imagine scaling your image is a bit tough as to getting to suit the way you want, when using uiwebview. I am testing out SVGgh which renders a subset of the svg spec. I’d imagine apple will open up there renderer to the general public soon since the shear power of the chips makes it attainable to render a posh image a lot simpler.

Symbian platform was developed by Nokia for some fashions of smartphones. It is proprietary software, it was nevertheless utilized by Ericsson , Sending and Benq. The working system was discontinued in 2012, though a slimmed-down version for fundamental telephones was still developed till July 2014. Microsoft officially shelved the platform in favor of Windows Phone after its acquisition of Nokia. PureOS is a Debian GNU/Linux spinoff utilizing solely free software program meeting the Debian Free Software Guidelines, primarily the copyleft GPL.

Now, if you wish to switch something, just choose the AirDroid possibility in the share menu. More to the purpose, from a career improvement perspective the stack you will be using to build native Windows 8 apps is bang up-to-date. It’s all HTML5/Javascript driven, with trendy language constructs and extensible libraries written in managed code. So when you develop for Android, you’re solely really going to be growing telephone apps, not tablet apps.