This is the commonest Philips head screwdriver; you in all probability already personal a minimum of one if not a quantity of. If you occur to be installing, upgrading, or otherwise fiddling with an M.2 SSD, additionally, you will need a smaller #1 Philips head screwdriver. Liquid cooling is the easiest way to both hold elements cool and silent. There exist kits that permit you to liquid cool the CPU and GPU concurrently. Motherboards and RAM can also be cooled with water but are unusual. This can tremendously reduce the number of followers running in a PC at a given time.

For underneath $3000, I would do one thing similar to the $1500 build above and squeeze in some improvements. Let’s start with the high performing hardware – First, if you will get an RTX 3080 graphics card, begin there. Otherwise, if you can’t discover one attempt for the included RTX 3070 above (assuming yow will discover one that’s not too inflated).

The longest slots are x16, although some that look equivalent may run at x8 or x4; in addition, there are visibly smaller x1 slots. On a Mini ITX motherboard, nonetheless, you should solely expect one x16 slot. Unlike the stock coolers, the aftermarket coolers mount in varied ways.