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Two semi-circular notches appear on opposing edges of the processor. A corresponding pair of nubs could be discovered on the inside walls of the socket. Match the notches to the nubs before slowly decreasing the CPU into place. When the CPU is resting in the socket, wiggle the chip gently to make sure it’s all the way in. After eradicating the plastic cowl, unhook the metal lever by pushing it away from the socket, after which swing again the lever. The LGA1155 arm swings again much farther than its counterpart on Socket FM1.

With your case and motherboard unpacked, determine where to install your mounting screws.Mounting screws are the gold, weird looking screws that got here within the little ziplock bag together with your motherboard. One finish will look like a regular screw, the other end will permit a screw to be screwed into it. If you are wondering whether to stretch your budget to a better GPU or not, contemplate future upgrades. It could be value saving $100 today and upgrading to a better GPU in 12/18months, somewhat than shopping for a better GPU right now however having to wait longer for an improve. For a good idea of GPU specs over time, check wikipedia.