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Which of the following greatest describes the differences between reminiscence and the hard drive? Memory is an inner element that directly or indirectly connects laptop elements; whereas the hard drive is an external storage system. Memory carries out basic directions that function a computer; whereas the hard drive is a long-term storage gadget. Memory is an digital part used to store instructions for future use; whereas a hard drive is hooked up to the motherboard and permits the communication between elements.

The 6.7-inch-square Mini-ITX standard, in the meantime, defines boards much more compact, meant for tight builds in small-form-factor PCs. With Mini-ITX, you are usually restricted to only one expansion slot. The BIOS is saved completely on your computer’s ROM, quite than its hard drive, since your motherboard can not entry the exhausting drive until it has loaded the settings from the BIOS. Since the ROM is related directly to the motherboard, the motherboard is programmed to speak with the ROM without needing any additional directions.

The transistor was invented within the early 1950’s, replacing the vacuum tube. Since then, transistors have been made smaller and smaller, allowing increasingly of them to be etched onto a silicon chip. Otherwise, let’s move on to the last incessantly asked question, which addresses the totally different motherboard type elements on the market. You also need to plug the motherboard into your case—the power buttons, audio plugs, and USB ports on the entrance of your case.