Don’t forget that you don’t wish to screw something too tightly. Just flip your screwdriver till every little thing is securely tightened, and then you’re ready to maneuver on. Also ensure you connect different parts such as the case fans, and case energy buttons to the motherboard. Just like the CPU, and GPU, the RAM also has a clock speed—and it’s better to get RAM with a better clock speed.

Installing these tiny headers may be very annoying and you’ll typically end up reaching out to the darkest corners of the case to find them. You may want to put that flashlight to use now for this step. We’ve additionally put in an M.2 SSD on the motherboard earlier, so your PC has some storage to work with depending on the capability of your M.2 stick.

Two-DIMM configs sometimes drop into slots labeled A1 and B1. The letters signify the channel, while the numbers reveal the order by which the slots should be populated. The CPU, or central processing unit, is liable for all the computing.